Juxtaposition, Cohn’s Argument

Whether or not we are aware of it our brains are always analyzing and processing things. From text to people to things we see in everyday life, images are no different, our analysis is something the author of an image considers. In Jenae Cohn's “Understanding Visual Rhetoric”, the ways in which an image can be changed to affect its perception are explained, with elements like color, texture, value, space, etc. these all play into the different reactions a person will have.

This image of the famous “YouTuber” Penguinz0 descending from a stairway of heaven is the image I chose. Why because it has great color, shape, and value, let me go further; the color of this image is bright and had many different shades, it's an eye-catcher. Mostly used as a meme template, color is an important way to catch a viewer's eye, much like value, which is the differing amount of light and dark, the vast range of colors with a bright contrast are what convinced me to choose this image. Also, shape, the image is centered around the man, giving him the most focus, this is important to this image as focusing on him gives him more attention, and more pull than anything else in the image.



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